Creating McHappiness

Fries Worth Defending

Turn your phone into a motion-activated, state-of-the-art fry defense system! The Fry Defender encourages social sharing with candid pictures of would-be thieves, and the hashtag #stopfrytheft. After this feature was added to the McDonald’s application, app downloads rose 9.5%.

I'm Lovin' the App

The nutrition center allows users to evaluate the nutritional information of any item on the McDonald's menu, and the meal tray gives them an easy tool to evaluate an entire meal at a glance.

Find the closest McDonald's and then take advantage of coupons targeted contextually in reaction to time, weather, location, and holidays. A custom-built content management system (CMS) allows administrators to create and manage mobile coupon campaigns.

Built in collaboration with Tribal Worldwide, this was the first ever mobile experience for McDonald's Canada.

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